Monday, September 12, 2016

Around 12 more weeks...

I'll be out harvesting again on Friday, bringing in the first of the oysters I planted last year. Though they look a little different from the first crop (most are snow-white and less round than the first oysters I planted) they have the same great taste.

I'm hoping to continue harvesting until around Thanksgiving- before the weather gets too cold and windy. Putting the farm away for the season is labor and time intensive. It is a lot easier to do before there is snow on the ground.

CSA customers- please claim all of your shares before the end of the season (as mentioned in the materials that came with your share).  I set aside oysters so I can fulfill all of my CSA orders, but I cannot hold market-sized oysters over the winter. Any unclaimed stock will need to be sold by the end of the season to avoid the sometimes substantial crop-loss that comes with overwintering.  There is still plenty of time to claim your oysters before Thanksgiving. If you'd like your oysters in large orders, please let me know ahead of time.