Monday, November 16, 2015

Pre Thanksgiving Harvest

I'll be harvesting my last oysters of the season in the days preceding Thanksgiving. I'm aiming for the 23rd, 24th, or 25th (the long window is due to the unpredictable fall weather).

The Thanksgiving harvest will be somewhat different than prior harvests. I'll be offering two different sizes of oysters. My standard size oysters will remain the same price ($15/doz.). I'll also be selling "petite" oysters at the bargain-basement price of a dollar each. "Petites" are the smallest size oyster you'd see in a restaurant- in fact, most of the Canadian oysters sold in the area are only grown to petite size.

"Petite" oysters w/pen for scale
I will still need orders in advance to plan the harvest (by the morning of the 22nd). Oysters will be available from the day of harvest until the 25th for evening pick-up (or daytime pick-up by appointment).  If properly stored in the refrigerator these oysters will be good through the holiday weekend. Stored on ice, their shelf life should extend well over a week.

After the harvest, I'll be sinking the farm for the winter. It is a big, cold, and stressful job. Thankfully I'll have some help. Wish us luck!