Sunday, September 13, 2015

First Harvest

It was a very windy day for a first harvest, but everything went smoothly. I was lucky to have Mom along helping. Somehow Mom always seems to get the worst weather. We pulled a couple of cages, sorted and washed oysters, and scraped off some stubborn mussels. The oysters hit the ice and we headed back to Portland. 

It's a strange feeling to finally be harvesting and selling oysters. It has been such a long and complicated process. It was a nice feeling sitting out at the oyster stand handing out my first round of orders. It was so simple and rewarding.

We celebrated the first harvest on Saturday afternoon after the last order was picked up. I ate so many oysters and had some nice champagne. It luxurious. I am excited that this work is finally coming to fruition. Cheers- to many more!