Thursday, September 24, 2015

Fall on the Farm

It has been a very busy week getting oysters sorted, cleaned, and ready to harvest. I've handled thousands of full grown oysters in the last few days. I'm seeing oysters when I close my eyes. To combat this, I've been eating a lot of oysters.

The farmstand sales are slowly picking up. Hopefully word will spread as the first round of customers tell their friends. I've had very positive feedback so far. I'll be at-it again this weekend- manning the coolers from 6 to 8 on Friday night and 11-3 on Saturday.

I also have a wholesale distributor lined up. My oysters should be in southern Maine restaurants soon. It will also be possible to get them shipped (more info on that in later posts)

As always, it has been beautiful out on the water. The baitfish are around in abundance and the stripers and seals come into the cove in waves. There are many ducks around, but the terns that had been hanging around the farm have left on migration. Fall is here.