Thursday, April 10, 2014

It has been a busy couple of weeks. Things are really starting to move!

Brooks Trap Mill began building the first of my oyster cages and I've contacted a diver to install my sea anchors and longlines later this spring. I've reserved some oyster seed from a farmer near Chebeague Island- though the water still needs to warm up before those baby oysters are ready to go. I'm heading up to the UMaine's Darling Marine Center on Monday along with another new oyster farmer for a crash course in aquaculture rigging.

Those of you who know me can attest I'm not a "high-stress-guy". The general mood these days is a frazzled sort of excitement as I tackle the inevitable challenges of starting a business (all while holding down my day job at the fish market). Its been good to work my brain a bit. Nothing like time-sensitive problem-solving to get the ol' gears turning.

On a somewhat related note, I'm hoping to raise some funds to ease the pain of my start-up costs. I've started a crowd-funding campaign on indiegogo (like Kickstarter, but a slightly better deal). The link to my page is below:

Please share the page with anyone who is interested in oysters, community supported agriculture, seaweed (that delicious superfood), environmentally-minded farming, and supporters of small local businesses...Don't forget the foodies, gourmets, and gastronomes in your life. Really, please share!

The perks/rewards should be pretty cool.  I'm especially excited about the plates Kat is working on and the shirts Eric will be making. Let me know If you think of a reward that should be up on the indiegogo page. I can add things like that throughout the campaign.